The physical face-to-face offering of a garment you own can potentially be a) awkward and/or b) embarrassing. You have this great piece of clothing that is still in good condition, too good to throw away, (Gee…this almost feels like I’m writing up an ebay add!) but it just isn’t you anymore. You instantly think of a friend or relative who you envisage would love it and you offer it to them. Your overwhelming joy of thinking how good they will look and what a great friend you’re being comes crashing down as the reply comes back, ‘umm…no, I don’t think I need that’. Crushed. Funny in hindsight when it was actually something you didn’t really want anyway. The upside is when the whole transition and change of ownership does work. My Mum (frequently) offers me an item of clothing she doesn’t img_2944feel has a place in her wardrobe any longer. She is a serial consolidator and a big advocate for moving things on if they’ve hung around too long. (My Dad’s a lucky man, he’s stood the test of time). Most of the garments I am offered I accept gratefully, not because I feel obliged but more because I actually love her bright funky style.
I have frequently thought, I wonder how common it is that someone can be offered a piece of clothing from their Mum that has been tried and tested in a range of outfits and still say yes to finding a home for it in their wardrobe and actually like it and wear it? The most humerous thing about Mum’s hand-me-downs is that I get so many comments and compliments about the clothes she has given me. Every time I wear the pre-loved clothes the day does not reach closure without an interaction being had with someone about an item of my clothing. In the beginning to be honest I was a bit reserved in telling people (for fear of sounding daggy) that the clothes were hand-me-downs. Now I confidently tell any interested party exactly how that piece of clothing came to have a secured position in my coat hanger line-up. I had presumed that what was so infectious when I wore Mum’s clothes was that I exuded her positivity and zest for life, coupled with her amazing fashion sense and great choice of colour……alas…the other day it occurred to me, maybe it’s actually the scent of her Red Door perfume that is so impregnated into every garment that no amount of Omo or Napisan will ever be able to remove it!

WEAR HAND-ME-DOWNS WILLINGLY…..It can be a loaded transaction!

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  1. Lanelle

    Great post. I advocate this. People seem very pleased when you talk about a bargain or a great find too… and frocks with pockets. xx

  2. You’ve really helped me untsnedard the issues. Thanks.

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