Hi, I’m Laurellen. I’m a mother, a wife, an art teacher and an artist. I’m not sure which order they are meant to be in or how all connect…. whether the artist makes me be a better wife and the teacher makes me be a better mother…or not! Hard to prioritise; always difficult finding the balance between them all. Welcome to my world. I started this blog because I believe in colour and think it has the ability to change how you live and who you are. I am a MAGNET for COLOUR. I believe in family, the strength of friendships, entertaining, kids running in the backyard barefoot, the smell of sun filled clothes straight off the washing line, honesty, not bottling things up, sunflowers and poppies, coloured pencils in a tin, cups of tea, soft leather, colourful cushions, home made chocolate cake, travelling everywhere, having energy, mental strength, drinking champagne, eating seafood, education and learning, perseverance and commitment, the smell of diesel fuel (it’s not that bad, my husband’s favourite smell is horse manure!), fabrics and knitting, my husband accepting me with all my perfect imperfections, my children loving me and me loving them unconditionally, the world of art and its possibilities, having a chat and sharing stories, saltwater, writing, creating things, motivating people, being able to search for anything on the internet. I believe in the power of positivity and I think COLOUR is VITAL. I believe that with passion and PLENTY of COLOUR you can truly do anything! You are invited to come on this colourful journey with me. Share your stories and keep it positive.