Show me your bedroom and I’ll tell you your future!

Show me your bedroom and I’ll tell you your future.

I am currently teaching students about deep emotional effects of colour.  How colour has for centuries and continues to influence our lives. Artists either intentionally or intuitively choose colours that will represent particular feelings and reflect certains atmosphere and produce required aesthetics for themselves and their audiences. If we look at the influence of Wassily Kandinsky then the notion of Synesthesia also comes into play where we can even hear colour and potentially create visual orchestral symphonies through hearing differing tonal ranges and relating them to particular colour hues.  

I have always been keenly interested in the colours with which we choose to surround ourselves. One day I asked my students, ‘who has a room painted black?’. Not surprisingly there were no hands raised. I had the same response when I asked about a red room. Why is society so afraid to break the mould and live with a colour that is not stereotypically ‘the norm’?  

I believe that the colours we surround ourselves with can ultimately change our life.

Chromology is the psychology of colour and it is used widespread in advertising, designing of products and the objects we choose to have in our lives. Research has shown that colour can change you as a person and how you perform on a daily bases. So we know colour is so important, so as well as wearing the colours that change our day, we need to start living with certain colours in our homes to permanently change our lives.   

Your bedroom is a sacred place. It’s the last place you end up at night and it’s where you wake in the morning. You must start strong and end strong. So choose your bedroom wall colours to reflect your goals.

Paint your room GREEN if you are lacking productivity at home and at work. This will ensure much greater success in getting thing done.

Paint your room RED if you need more spice, more passion in your life. This will help both you and your partner.

Paint your room BLUE if your chaos threshold has been met and you need to calm down and have more tranquility in your life.

Paint your room YELLOW if you need to shed some unwanted kilos. This will give you mental strength to kick start a healthy routine of working harder and eating healthier.

Paint your room PURPLE if you need to be more confident and feel more powerful. With increased confidence you will gain the respect of others surrounding you both at home and at work.

Paint your room ORANGE if you want excitement and a more energetic feeling. Orange heals the lungs and increases energy levels.

Paint your room WHITE if you want more purity in your life and need to clean up your act. It also helps promote generosity and kindness.

Paint your room BLACK if you have the need for a little more mystery and secrecy in your life. You want to keep people guessing a little longer about you.

WALLPAPER is for you if you need a boost of creativity in your life. This will help you find your creative spirit.

Get painting! Change your future!

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