Open & Close

As they say, one door opens and another closes. Today I feel renewed. Our house of 3 years, which we worked on tirelessly, settled yesterday. Simultaneously we exchanged on our new abode.

As I sat at my eldest child’s assembly, eagerly awaiting the awarding of her sportswomen of the week trophy, I caught sight of my beautiful umbrella positioned between my legs. It was folded yet not clasped tight, allowing the colourful dots to dance and disappear through the clear folds of the umbrella’s surface. I started ta

king photos from my seated position as I admired the stitched edge and the fluid distortions. My mind wandered as I saw the umbrella as a metaphor for my current housing transition. As one physical

 house door closes the memories stay within that structure. Whilst the memories of parties, fun times, dinner parties and children are vividly remembered you can’t actually go back into those spaces. The moments of colour stay somewhat trapped

within the segments of the umbrella. Yet at one and the same time the thoughts of a new place to rework, and make home brings back the happy thoughts with the excitement of the next front door opening. Once again the colour and new memories explode as the umbrella opens to expose its full exterior.

Suddenly I heard my daughter’s name…I had waited 45minutes for this fleeting moment. I couldn’t miss it. With a swift movement I swiped the phone, camera ready and snapped the moment of hand shake with the

A beautiful beaming smile radiated from my child on stage.

In times of transition and change there are always new things of wonder that show themselves unexpectedly.

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