I have always loved colour. I can’t ever remember a time when I haven’t enjoyed being surrounded by bright colours. It’s in my genes! My love of colour is hereditary and it stems from my mother. I used to always tell my mother she was a ‘walking Christmas tree’. By that I don’t mean that she had a solid trunk and carried a red bucket around with her. (although she does look good in red). Mum is always dressed in strong, bright colour. She is mindful about every element of her outfit, including the decorations! As long as I can remember people have always stopped her on the street to comment on a piece of her clothing, desperate to find out where she bought it. (more often than not it was from an adventure overseas). They were drawn in by the colour. My mother has an engaging face, she exudes happiness and has a zest for life which is contagious. As a young girl I rarely saw my mother in black or dark colours. I often wondered if it was the colour she wore that made her so happy.

I began to realise the immense power of having colour surrounding me and how it actually changed not just my day but my whole outlook on life and the things I deemed possible! So I have willingly continued the legacy of wearing colour and hunting out colour to have in my entire environment. I feel my happiest when I am in colour. Colour is my inspiration. I motivate that if more people wore more colour more often, they would feel more fulfilled and live a happier life.

Colour doesn’t only make you feel amazing, it changes how people perceive you. Colour makes you approachable and fun and it creates friendships. No one is afraid to talk to someone who looks bright, fresh and fabulous. So the motto is, More COLOUR, More OFTEN.


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