nullTo wear colour is the ultimate sign of bravery. Friends often say to me, ‘I love the way you wear colour. I wish I could do it but it just isn’t me’ or they will say “I love colour but when I go to wear it I think I’ll look like a clown’. You won’t think colour is you if you never see yourself in colour. If you go too long without colour you just get used to your look of muted tones and after a while you just don’t know what to do with colour and how to wear it. You become afraid of what others will say when they see you in a colour you never wear. You feel self conscious and are nervous about how you will be received by your friends and workmates if you change your typical daily look.
So how do you break your restricted colour habit and bring colour into your wardrobe? It’s the same as how you eat an elephant….one bite at a time. When you are trying something new, do it one step at a time…or you could just go full turkey and leap into the rainbow (which seems to be my usual approach). However, best approach so as to not freak yourself out on first try would be one comforting nod to colour at a time. Choose one colour you like but haven’t been brave enough to wear (but secretly wish you could and the one you always look at in shops and go…’oh I love that colour’) and buy one top. Wear it out or to work or wherever those that know you will notice. When you receive comments about your new look, embrace the comments about how good you look and say ‘Thank you, I feel so happy in this colour! and it’s in that moment you will realise the big smile that has suddenly appeared on your face. Your new journey with colour will have begun. Once you have conquered wearing one new colour, try another. Soon you will find it easy to wear colour and you will start seeking it out for shoes, handbags, home furnishings!

Wearing colour builds strength. If you can accept the comments and build your confidence as you change your colours then you can handle more challenging situations with ease.

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