Imprisoned or EMPOWERED?

dsc_8248The man washing the never ending steps. When I saw this image by reportage photographer Andre Pires, I was initially taken by the power of the red. The more you look you question if the man is in fact imprisoned by the steps which is emphasised by the red suit which binds him to his job. The linear repetition of the stairs is engaging and makes one consider the plight of this faceless, nameless New York worker. The emotion of passion is felt through the powerful red hue and the strength in the push of the broom which is echoed by the agitated froth. This cleansing movement leads the viewer to again question the demeanour of the man and rather appreciate the action as one of empowerment through ones work and choice of action.

Thank you for sharing Andre. As a teacher, these are the moments we cherish and why teaching is so rewarding.

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