10mins to Morning Bliss

I always find it interesting how other people organise their daily outfit. As a busy Mum, I organise my
outfit along with the school uniforms the night before. If I don’t, I find the alarm goes off and I get caught up in breakfast and making lunches that when I finally get back to the wardrobe, coupled with the fact that Im running out of time, nothing seems to go together well. When I organise the outfit the night before, I just go with what is laid out and I go through the motions of putting on the clothes and accessories and I don’t think about it. I just know that the outfit will work and it does. What my girls have learnt to do to help with making the morning blissful is what they call ‘making a girl’. They put out their whole outfit on the floor in the lounge room, right next to the kitchen so we have an easy transition from cereal to dressing. Once dressed if there is anything left on the floor, they automatically realise there is another piece of the outfit that must fit onto their body somewhere. Fortunately they usually get most things on and mostly in the right places. Miraculous. So on the back of this I was having a chat about this very topic with my dear friend Cheryl. She told me she doesn’t organise the night before. Instead she sets her alarm ten minutes early and she wakes up and spends the next ten minutes lying in bed visualising and organising her outfit. When she has chosen each piece and is mentally ready from top to toe, she duly gets up and starts the dressing process as planned, knowing exactly how she will look. I thought this was fabulous. We all have our own way of managing  all the elements of the morning wardrobe (along with the rest of the family) and no matter how we work with each precious minute we manage to get out the door and get to work with clothes on. This is excellent news for the general public. But, just in case  your current morning routine is causing more havoc than it should and you are getting to work frequently too late all because of your clothes then I urge you to try out the ‘night before’ clothing option.

As Coco Chanel said…..’Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway’.

You just can not walk down that morning runway feeling shabby…..read my blog ‘Get dressed, Get noticed’.


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